How to use sage for gray hair

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How to use sage for gray hair

If you want hide gray hair that appear in your hair but you don't want to damage it by using dyes or chemical products, you will like to know t

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If you want hide gray hair that appear in your hair but you don’t want to damage it by using dyes or chemical products, you will like to know that you can do it with a natural ingredient that is non-invasive for your hair: sage. Gray hair appears in the hair because melanin, which is the protein that is responsible for giving color, no longer supplies one or more hair follicles, so the hair appears whitish or silver. If this is your case and you want remove gray hair naturallyin this OneHowTo article we tell you how to use sage for gray hair.

Steps to follow:


The sage It is a perfect remedy to cover gray hair because, thanks to its properties astringent and revitalizingget the melanin flow that had been cut, works again, thus making the color return to your hair. However, it is vitally important that you keep in mind that sage does not work for completely white hair but is indicated to treat the first gray hair waves premature gray hair that appear due to a failure in the injection of melanin.

You should know that gray hair also appears for natural reasons of aging and these are not treatable with this natural remedy that we propose. In this OneHowTo article we tell you why gray hair appears.


for the first sage treatment for gray hair you will only need half a cup of dried sage and 2 cups of water. All you have to do is bring the water to a boil with the sage leaves and let it cook for about 30 minutes over low heat; then, remove from the heat, strain the water and let it cool.

To put it on your hair, you will first have to wet your hair and then you can rinse it with this liquid that we have prepared. It is recommended that you repeat this process. every time you go to shower in order to revitalize the flow. When you have already concealed the gray hair, you only have to repeat this rinse once a week to maintain the color.


the power of sage mixed with it Rosemary can also be used for treat gray hair naturally; This second ingredient also manages to soften the hair and give it a very fresh aroma. The first results of the treatment can be seen after two weeks or after the first month, depending on the person in question.

To do so, you will only need:

  • 1/3 cup dried sage leaves
  • 1/3 fresh rosemary
  • 1 cup of distilled water

You just have to boil all the ingredients in a pot and let everything cook for 10 minutes; then, remove from heat and let the mixture sit for about 30 minutes before using. Strain the water to remove the remains of leaves and rosemary and you can now use this home remedy.

With damp hair, apply the mixture that we have prepared and massage the scalp to help the follicles to reactivate. Let it act on your hair for 20 minutes and then rinse with warm water. It is recommended that you repeat this procedure. 3 times a week for the first month and then once a week to maintain the color.


The black tea and sage are also good for remove gray hairhowever, this remedy is mainly recommended for people with brown hair. To prepare it we will only have to prepare the infusion of black tea with 20 grams of sage; then let it cool down and apply it to your damp hair. Massage with circular movements to reactivate the flow of melanin and, after 10 minutes, rinse the mixture from your hair.

In order to see results, it is important that the first few weeks you repeat this procedure 3 times a week and, when you start to see that the gray hairs disappear, you can progressively reduce the frequency until you end up doing it only 1 time a month.


As we have already told you, these treatments with sage are indicated to treat premature gray hair, therefore, surely you will also be interested in knowing some of the best preventive methods to prevent white hair from appearing prematurely. Here at OneHowTo we tell you what you can do to avoid gray hair:

  • Eat chocolate: it is a food rich in copper, a mineral that promotes the production of melanin.
  • The selenium rich foods They help to produce more hormones, something related to the color of our hair. So add nuts, shellfish or strawberries in your diet to prevent gray hair.
  • Plus green leafy vegetables in your diet because they help transport oxygen and provide a large amount of B12 vitamins.

In this OneHowTo article we tell you about other ways to reduce gray hair naturally with simple lifestyle habits.

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