How to wash your hair without shampoo

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How to wash your hair without shampoo

Does the trend ring a bell? no-poo? There are already many who have signed up for this fashion, named after a variation of the term non-shampo

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Does the trend ring a bell? no-poo? There are already many who have signed up for this fashion, named after a variation of the term non-shampoo (without shampoo), which consists of stopping washing your hair with commercial shampoos and doing it only with water or with a completely natural solution. They claim that the usual lotions are full of aggressive ingredients that damage the hair, weaken it and end up ruining its good appearance. If you also want to discover how to wash your hair without shampoo and try the natural solution used by followers of the no-poopay attention to this OneHowTo article because we’ll reveal all the details.

Steps to follow:


The method no-poo defends the elimination of any commercial shampoo in the usual hair wash, alleging that this type of product favors the reduction of the sebum produced by the scalp to keep it protected and, therefore, in the long run, the result is dull hair with very deep roots. fat and dry ends that get dirty very easily.

And the alternative is to stop using them altogether and instead use a natural, plant-based solution. baking soda and apple cider vinegar which, after about two weeks, will ensure that the hair is free of all the accumulated chemicals and the sebum regulates itself, obtaining much stronger, brighter and healthier hair.


If you are going to join the fashion of wash your hair without shampoo and you want to check the results for yourself, you must follow certain steps. First, you need to gather the ingredients that will be used to make the solution that you will use as a shampoo. You need:

  • 1 medium tablespoon of baking soda
  • between 1 and 5 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar
  • Water
  • essential oil that is preferred, it will serve to provide a good aroma

Keep in mind that the amounts of baking soda and apple cider vinegar should vary depending on how dry your hair is. Thus, the drier it is, you should add a smaller amount of bicarbonate and, on the contrary, a greater amount of apple cider vinegar.


To prepare it, you have to put the bicarbonate in a bottle or jar and add a cup of warm water, approximately. Then, put the apple cider vinegar in another bottle and add a cup of cold water to it so that it adds more shine to the hair. Finally, also add a few drops of the chosen essential oil to the bottle of vinegar, stir and voila!


Once this kind of homemade shampoo, you just have to wet all the hair and, first, apply the mixture of baking soda and water to the scalp, massaging it with your fingers. Spread it through the rest of your hair until you reach the ends and wait a minute before rinsing. Next, apply the apple cider vinegar mixture (it will act as a conditioner) evenly to all parts of the hair and rinse again with plenty of clean water. To finish, untangle it and you can now dry it and style it as usual.


It is important that you bear in mind that the hair will need about two weeks of adaptation and a certain period for its balance to be restored. After that, those faithful to the method no-poo They assure that it is possible to keep hair clean and radiant for up to five or seven days without having to wash it.


In addition to this solution based on baking soda and vinegar, there are other remedies that you can try if you want wash your hair without shampoo. We invite you to consult the article Natural alternatives to shampoo where you will find much more information.

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