Interested in Threading?  First Read the Info here!

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Interested in Threading? First Read the Info here!

  plant thread is a skin care procedure that aims to make skin visible face tight and younger. Method facial skin rejuvenation without surgery

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plant thread is a skin care procedure that aims to make skin visible face tight and younger. Method facial skin rejuvenation without surgery This is done by embedding threads in the subcutaneous tissue.

Unlike plastic surgery, skin rejuvenation with thread implants does not require much action on the skin tissue. In addition, the processing and recovery time is also faster. In terms of price, this procedure is much cheaper than plastic surgery.

What is the procedure like Plant Yarn?

Before you undergo thread implants, the doctor will generally inject or apply a local anesthetic in the area of ​​your face. After the anesthetic works, the doctor inserts a special thread under the skin.

The threads that are embedded under the facial skin are useful for stimulating collagen formation, providing a pulling effect on sagging skin, and tightening the skin supporting tissue.

In contrast to thread pulling, in the thread implant procedure, the implanted thread is not pulled. This makes the tightening effect of the sagging skin not as real as thread pulling and the result is not as fast as thread pulling. However, threading can be done on skin that is already very loose.

The thread implant procedure usually takes about 1 hour, and after threading the patient can go home immediately.

Yarn Planting Risk

Although it can tighten and remove wrinkles, threading is still at risk of causing side effects.

The side effect that usually occurs after thread implants is done is pain or an uncomfortable sensation in the face. In addition, this procedure is also possible to cause complaints, such as swelling, bruising, or difficulty opening the mouth.

To support the recovery process, people who undergo thread implants should rest for about 1 week until the condition of the face recovers. If your facial skin looks wrinkled after this procedure, try not to worry too much. Wrinkles will usually fade within 14-21 days.

In addition to the side effects above, the thread implant procedure is also at risk of causing complications, such as:

Therefore, it is important for you to keep checking with your doctor after undergoing this procedure to prevent unwanted complications.

Things to Consider Before Planting Yarn

Threading can indeed help rejuvenate facial skin. Instead of plastic surgery, tightening the face in this way can still be said to be affordable.

However, the skin rejuvenation effect with the thread implant method is only temporary. The results will only last 12 years, so you may need to re-thread to keep your skin looking youthful.

Because the results of thread implants are natural and can only pull the skin about a few millimeters, thread planting is ideally done when the age is approaching 40 years.

If you are 55 years old and over, it is recommended to do other treatments that tend to give maximum results in tightening the face, for example facelift.

That’s a brief explanation of thread planting that you need to know. If you are interested in doing it, it is advisable to consult a doctor first, so that the doctor can assess whether this procedure is suitable for your skin condition.