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Is it good for the hair to shave?

In relation to hair, there are many false myths such as miraculous remedies to make it grow faster or prevent baldness, eat certain foods in or

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In relation to hair, there are many false myths such as miraculous remedies to make it grow faster or prevent baldness, eat certain foods in order to make it brighter or shave it to make it grow stronger, among many others.

They are habitual and frequent beliefs that many people follow. But not all of them are true, especially those related to shaving the hair. And it is not always an effective measure to improve the scalp and hair itself. Then, Is it good for the hair to shave? At Great Looking Hair we give you some guidelines so that you know whether or not you should shave your head.

Shaving your hair doesn’t make it grow faster.

Shaving your hair has nothing to do with it growing faster; this is a false myth. Various scientific investigations have confirmed that the rate of hair growth is the same for a person, regardless of whether the head is shaved or only the ends of the hair are cut. Therefore, if your goal with shaving your hair is to grow it faster, you don’t need to do it, just like if you want to make your hair thicker.

In this case, there is also no evidence that shaving your hair makes hair grow thicker. However, it is true that you can have that feeling because, being shorter, it seems that it pricks more and that it is stiffer. But it has nothing to do with the thickness, since the hair, as it grows, becomes finer.

If your hair is weaker for some reason during a season, it is best to look for the cause that has produced this weakening. They can be varied: from a hormonal change to a poor diet or taking some medication. Once you know the reason, you can follow a treatment that strengthens it or take solutions. For example, in this other Great Looking Hair article we offer you several ideas explaining how to make masks for weak hair.

And, what happens when what you want to achieve is that the hair is darker? The answer is the same: scientific studies have not been able to show that there is a direct relationship between shaving your hair and hair color. The fact that it may appear darker is because it has not yet been hit by much sunlight, which lightens it.

So, in short, Is it bad or good to shave your hair? In these three situations, it is neither bad nor good for the hair to shave. is more one aesthetic issue and how you want to wear your hair at that moment.

Shave your hair to prevent baldness

Many people who shave their hair do so to prevent baldness because people tend to think that by shaving their heads, more hair will grow. This is also a false myth, despite being a very widespread belief, especially among men. This idea often responds to the fact that, when seeing the areas with less hair, there is a tendency to cut them so that they are less noticeable.

If the hair is shaved in order to avoid baldness and to get it to grow more, a mistake is being made that can even have negative consequences. And it is that shave your head it irritates the skin and the hair may come out finer. This would make the bald spots even more noticeable. If you want to hide baldness by wearing your hair short or practically shaved, it is best to put yourself in the hands of a professional so that the scalp is not damaged.

you must also go to professionals to follow an appropriate treatment if what you want is to avoid baldness, that is, before having to hide it. Grafts can be a solution, as well as other blister treatments or lotions, with which an improvement can be noticed.

Situations in which it is good for the hair to shave

Although, in general, shaving the hair does not interfere with the condition of the scalp, the truth is that there are a number of situations in which it can be beneficial and even convenient.

For example, it is good for the hair to shave when they have worn hairstyles that have damaged the hair a lot, such as dreadlocks or the like, as well as when many products such as lacquers, mousses or fixatives are used. What you will get in these cases, in which the hair is damaged, is to clean up the hair and never make it grow longer, stronger or with a darker color. That is, you will eliminate the parts that are very damaged and you will look better.

It may also be beneficial to shave the head when it has been subjected to a very long period of stress or worry, which has led to the hair appearing dull, very weak, brittle, lacking in shine, color or strength. In these cases, it would be about making a clean slate with your life and with your hair. If this is your case, we also recommend that you learn in this other article How to avoid hair loss due to stress.

With these tips, at Great Looking Hair we hope we have answered your question of whether shaving is good for your hair? In any case, if you have any problem with your hair, we recommend that you consult a specialist.

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