Is it Safe to Remove Hair with Waxing for Pregnant Women?

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Is it Safe to Remove Hair with Waxing for Pregnant Women?

Moment pregnant, body hair can grow faster and easily become bushy. Pregnant women experience this and want to do waxing, so that the hairs

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Moment pregnant, body hair can grow faster and easily become bushy. Pregnant women experience this and want to do waxing, so that the hairs on the body disappear and no longer interfere with appearance? Come on, see the explanation regarding safety waxing when pregnant following this.

Thicker hair growth during pregnancy is common. This is caused by hormonal changes, and will usually return to normal within 6 months of giving birth.

Although not something to worry about, the growth of hair in various areas of the body can cause discomfort. No wonder many pregnant women choose to get rid of it by doing waxing.

Security Waxing When Pregnant

Waxing while pregnant is relatively safe to do. Just before doing waxingPregnant women are advised to consult a doctor first to ensure its safety.

Although relatively safe, doing waxing when pregnant may be more painful than when not pregnant. The reason is, hormonal changes that occur during pregnancy can cause the skin of pregnant women to become more sensitive and easy to itch.

Waxing When pregnant it should be done more carefully. Pregnant women should not do waxing on skin with acne, sores, rashes, varicose veins, and keloids. If pregnant women keep doing waxing With this skin condition, the skin can become swollen, breakout, and irritated.

Tips Safe Doing Waxing Moment Pregnant

Waxing can be done at home or in a beauty clinic. At home, pregnant women can buy waxing in the supermarket and apply it on hairy skin.

Waxing which are sold in the market can actually be used easily. Pregnant women only need to apply warmed wax to the skin to be depilated. Apply wax in the direction of hair growth.

After applying evenly, place a strip of paper or cloth over the waxed skin. Let stand for a few seconds and then pull quickly in the direction opposite to the direction of hair growth.

If pregnant women don’t want to be bothered, go to a beauty clinic or salon near your house. However, make sure the clinic you are aiming for is clean and waxing performed by an expert or supervised by a doctor.

Then, also make sure the salon does not reuse waxing that have been used on other customers. This is useful for reducing the risk of pregnant women experiencing infection.

In addition, there are several things pregnant women need to do before and after doing waxingeither at the salon or at home, namely:

1. Memcut the hair to make it shorter

If the fur to be in−waxing has a length of more than 1.5 cm, pregnant women are recommended to cut it first using scissors. This is because the longer the fur to bewaxingprocess waxing it will be even more painful.

2. Meldo test allergy first

Before doing waxingit is recommended to drip wax waxing a little bit first to the skin. This is useful for checking the skin’s reaction to wax which will be used. If an allergic skin reaction occurs, such as skin rash, itching, and irritation, pregnant women are advised not to do it waxing.

3. Make sure the skin is clean

Before doing waxingmake sure that the area of ​​skin to be treatedwaxing is clean and dry. The goal is to candle wax can stick perfectly, so the process waxing can be done easily and with minimal risk of irritation.

4. Using waxing warm

If pregnant women do waxing at home, pregnant women are advised to heat the wax waxing first, so that the wax can stick more easily to the skin.

However, make sure that the wax applied to the skin is warm, not hot. If it gets too hot, the skin can burn which is then possible to trigger an infection.

5. Apply lotion to the skin

After waxing After this is done, pregnant women can compress the area of ​​skin that has just been treated.waxing Use a cold compress to reduce pain. Then, dry and apply lotion non-comedogenic and oil-free to the skin area.

Another alternative is to apply an antiseptic lotion as recommended by your doctor to prevent infection, irritation, or skin redness caused by waxing.

6. Wear loose clothes

After waxing If done, pregnant women are also advised to wear loose clothing to prevent friction. Also avoid taking a hot shower afterward.

7. MenghAvoid direct sunlight

After doing waxingPregnant women are also advised to avoid exposure to direct sunlight and exercise. In addition, pregnant women should not use products that contain perfumes, chemicals, and dyes.

Pregnant women are advised to apply this for one day after doing waxing. One day later, pregnant women can return to using skin moisturizer.

Waxing can be a way to have smooth skin during pregnancy. However, keep safety first when doing waxing, yes, pregnant. If necessary, pregnant women can consult a gynecologist or dermatologist first.