Is lemon good for hair?

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Is lemon good for hair?

Lemon is a product that has been used since ancient times in beauty. And it is not for less because it has multiple properties, both for the s

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Lemon is a product that has been used since ancient times in beauty. And it is not for less because it has multiple properties, both for the skin and for the hair. Among them, for example, are aflahydroxy acids, which exfoliate dead skin cells. It is also rich in antioxidants, phosphorus or vitamin B.

They are ingredients that are found in many beauty products and that the lemon contains naturally. All of them are beneficial for the hair and to treat different problems. However, there are some drawbacks in its application. Then, Is lemon good for hair? In aHOWTO we clarify your doubts.

Benefits of lemon for hair

Due to the characteristics that we have previously mentioned about lemon, this citrus fruit can be applied to the hair to improve some of the typical problems of the scalp. So these are the main benefits of lemon for hair:

  • lighten hair It is one of them in the case of blonde hair, because if you have a darker hair color it is more difficult to lower its tone so that with this technique it is natural and uniform.
  • The increased hair shine It is another benefit of applying lemon. You will also achieve this effect because it makes the hair look healthier, thanks to the fact that it regulates its pH.
  • The level of scalp oil it is possible to reduce it with lemon because this citrus fruit is astringent. In this way, the segregation of fat is regulated and, if you have a specific problem, it is possible that you will end up with it.
  • The Hair loss It stops with lemon juice because it has been proven that it helps stimulate its growth in those cases in which hair loss has been caused by hormonal changes, a proper diet is not followed or there is malnutrition. In addition, by giving the hair greater strength and shine, it appears thicker and has more hair.
  • dandruff The hair is removed with lemon because it is an excellent exfoliant, which makes it easier to remove dead cells from the scalp. In this other Great Looking Hair article you can find details on How to use lemon for dandruff.
  • The itchy head also disappears because the lemon, despite its acidity, is a perfect softener and calmer. In fact, many of these hair smoothing creams incorporate it.

Disadvantages of lemon for hair

Despite the advantages and benefits of lemon for hair, it can also have some drawbacks. The main negative effect is related to their employment. And it is that, depending on your application, it may cause you the following drawbacks of lemon for hair:

  • Scalp irritations: We must not forget that the lemon, although it has benefits, is acidic. This implies that it is strong, as you can see if you eat it directly without mixing it with anything. This reaction in the mouth is what also occurs on the scalp, when applied to the skin of the head or very close to the roots of the hair. However, it is a secondary effect, which has an easy solution because it is avoided with correct use and application, as we explain in the next section.
  • Burn the hair if it is in contact with the sun: if you apply lemon, even mixed with other ingredients, and relax in the sun while the treatment takes effect, your hair will most likely lighten. However, if you stay too long or if the sun is very strong, it is easy for your hair to burn.

How to apply lemon on hair correctly

For take advantage of the benefits of lemon for hair and avoid inconveniences, it is important that you apply the lemon well on the scalp. There are several ways to do it:

  • Lemon juice with water is the best solution to prevent the citrus from causing an initial irritation due to its acidity.
  • Lemon juice with coconut water is another suitable combination for hair, especially when you use citrus to solve hair loss problems. Also, if you have this problem, in this other article we explain how to treat hair loss in women.
  • Lemon juice with egg white is the best option if what you have is a problem with dandruff or an itchy head.

These are tips and keys that we have given you in a HOWTO to answer your question about whether lemon is good for your hair. In any case, it is important that, in addition to applying the juice of this citrus fruit to take care of your hair, you also use shampoos, conditioners or softening creams that are suitable for the characteristics of your scalp so that the benefits are not lost. lemon and notice greater improvement. If any of the problems persist, do not forget to consult a specialist.

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