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natural oils for afro hair

The Afro hair It is very fashionable and is characterized by having a thick, dry texture and being abundant, however they have a virtue and tha

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The Afro hair It is very fashionable and is characterized by having a thick, dry texture and being abundant, however they have a virtue and that is that they are porous hair, that is to say that they better absorb the treatments that are applied to them and retain them for longer than any other type of hair, therefore it is necessary to have some particular care, so that your hair looks shiny and healthy. The natural oils They come from different plant tissues and provide multiple properties, not only in the treatment of some ailments, but also for body and beauty treatments. In OneHowTo we show you the natural oils for afro hair.

Coconut oil

It is one of his favorites. Afro hair, since it contains nourishing properties and prevents humidity from the environment from affecting the hair, allowing it to maintain its moisture, which allows your hair to become stronger. The composition of coconut oil makes it possible to mix with the natural protein of your hair, guaranteeing that natural moisture.

To benefit from the properties of coconut oil on your afro hair, you must melt 1 tablespoon of coconut oil, if it is solid, and the amount will depend on the abundance of your hair. Wet your hair, apply the oil and leave it minimum 45 minutes. Wash your hair as you normally do.

Avocado oil

Other natural oil for afro hair is avocado oil, its contribution of fat increases the hydration of your hair in a profound way, being ideal especially for people who have a very dry scalp. It will also give elasticity to your curls and prevent hair loss. Use avocado oil if you want to give your hair a wet look or to seal in moisture. For this, moisten your hair a little with a spray bottle of water and apply a little avocado oilespecially in the drier area.

Olive oil

The olive oil extra virgin, not only provides benefits to our health, it will also help hydrate your scalp and prevent or treat dandruff. Its high content of fatty acids and vitamin E promote hair growth; use it as a mask by applying it to your hair one day before the day you have established to wash it.

Argan oil

argan oil is also known as liquid gold, since they contain vitamins A and E and antioxidant elements that will give your hair the shine and strength it needs. It is the ideal oil to seal hairstyles and hydration processes. To provide all these benefits to your Afro hairwash it as usual and use a leave-in conditioner and pour a very small amount of argan oil in the palm of your hand, rub it in and apply it to the hair in small touches.

amla oil

Perhaps it is the least known of all natural oils, however the amla oil it is quite effective for take care of afro hair. It comes from India and is characterized by its moisturizing qualities and a high content of vitamin C that provides anti-inflammatory properties, making your afro softer to the touch and giving it greater shine, if your hair is oily, apply it only once a day. week.

The way of use amla oilit is like a mask, divide your hair and apply the oil with small massages, you will surely notice a refreshing sensation on your scalp, leave it for 45 minutes and wash as usual. You can also add a few drops of this oil to your shampoo, also if you suffer from itchy scalp, place the amla oil on it giving small massages.

African hair care

  • Wash it with a shampoo for dry hair and make sure to always do it in the same direction to avoid knots.
  • Make sure you use a good conditioner.
  • Use moisturizing lotions to detangle, and apply while your hair is still wet.
  • Apply nourishing masks every two weeks.
  • Use any of these natural oils to add shine.
  • Let your hair air dry.
  • Avoid dryers and if you do, apply a protective serum before using them.
  • Trim your ends frequently.

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