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natural oils for curly hair

Each type of hair has special needs and of course curly hair is no exception. This type of hair is usually very susceptible to humidity and fr

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Each type of hair has special needs and of course curly hair is no exception. This type of hair is usually very susceptible to humidity and frizz, but they also have a tendency to become dehydrated and look dry and dull. Giving your curly hair the necessary care will make the difference between beautiful and healthy hair and dry and damaged hair.

And to achieve this, there is nothing better than joining forces with some alternatives such as homemade hair masks or natural oils, which will provide the hydration and nutrition that our hair needs. Do you want to know what are the best options for your hair type? At we reveal the natural oils for curly hair that are ideal for your hair.

Why use oils on curly hair?

if you are looking for deeply hydrate your hairnourish it and make it look brighter and healthier, there is no need to make a complex mask with a lot of ingredients or spend a lot of money on a cosmetic product, just use a good natural oil to help you get the benefits what do you want

These types of products provide unsaturated fats that allow you to soften your hair, they have nutrients such as vitamin E or omega 3 that improve hydration and general appearance, combat dryness and in many cases seal the hair follicle, making the curls form better and look healthier and more beautiful.

How to choose and apply oils

To guarantee the best effect, it is important to know how to choose natural oils and the proper way to apply them, so we recommend:

  • To choose unrefined oils and preferably of ecological origin, which will guarantee its properties to the maximum. Yes, they are more expensive, but they are also more effective, and they usually perform for many applications, so you can make your investment profitable.
  • use products suitable for cosmetic useFor example, cooking coconut oil is not suitable for applying to hair.
  • Never pre-heat the oil before using it, as this will cause many of its properties to be lost.

Regarding the application it is important:

  • Apply the oil from the middle of your hair down, avoiding the roots. This will prevent them from being greasy and the hair from looking matted later.
  • Apply evenly and, if possible, comb through your hair to ensure the oil penetrates each strand.
  • Then put on a shower cap and let the oil act for 20 minutes. You can apply heat to the cap with a dryer to make the follicle open and the product penetrates much more, deeply hydrating.
  • After the indicated time, remove the cap and wash your hair normally. You can do this treatment once a week or two in case your hair is very dry.
  • You can also use a few drops of oil to comb your hair After washing it, just apply to wet hair and style to your liking. Remember that it is important not to abuse and apply only a few drops.

Olive oil to moisturize curly hair

if you are looking for deeply hydrate your curls and provide them with good nutrition, then olive oil is one of your best choices. It is a very easy product to obtain, however, keep in mind that those virgin and organic presentations are undoubtedly the best options.

This product helps protect your curls, condition them and prevent split ends that make your hair look unhealthy.

Coconut oil to repair, moisturize and style

One of the curly hair oils The most recommended is coconut, this alternative penetrates deep into the curl, repairing and protecting the hair from the inside out. It is an excellent option to provide hydration to your hair, seal the hair cuticle and prevent frizz as it acts by repelling water. If you suffer from dandruff, you can add a few drops of this oil to your scalp, massaging it and leaving it to act for 20 minutes. This excellent home remedy for dandruff will help you fight it.

In addition to applying it as a mask, you can also use it to comb your hair and style your curlsfor this you must apply a few drops in your hands, rub them and spread them through the hair giving it the shape you like best.

Argan oil, liquid gold

This oil is one of the most used to hydrate, soften and improve the appearance of hair, both in girls with curly hair and in those who have it straight. known as liquid gold, this product is easily absorbed by the hair, helping to eliminate dryness and providing luminosity. Just like coconut oil helps control frizz effectively, so you can use it to style your hair.

Jojoba oil, shiny and healthy curls

jojoba oil It is a powerful moisturizer and a great hair protector, it provides our hair with a good dose of vitamin E that will favor its nutrition and health, making your hair look much better. One of its most interesting features is that its body and texture is very similar to that of the natural fat produced by our scalp, which is why it manages to effectively protect the strands, providing a healthy and natural appearance.

Castor oil, a great conditioner

If you have problems with hair weakness, dryness and frizz, castor oil is an excellent alternative for your curls as it provides the desired hydration, helps to seal the hair fibers and also favors the growth and strengthening of your hair. Another excellent option to make your curly hair look spectacular.

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