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Teeth Whitening Signs

  Whitening teeth is not uncommonain one of the ways to increase self-confidence. But, how to whiten teeth recommended done carefully by a doc

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Whitening teeth is not uncommonain one of the ways to increase self-confidence. But, how to whiten teeth recommended done carefully by a doctor.

Teeth whitening works by brightening the color of natural teeth. This treatment can be done by a professional dentist, beauty salon, or done yourself with over-the-counter devices. However, apart from not being permanent, there are other risks if undergoing teeth whitening by parties who are not professionals.

Generally, the way to whiten teeth is done by doctors in two main ways:

  • Dental mold: The doctor will make an impression of your teeth to wear at home along with the use of whitening gel on the teeth. This treatment, which lasts for about a month, requires you to visit the doctor regularly for dental check-ups. Certain types of whitening gels can be used for as long as eight hours, so the treatment period can be shortened.
  • whitening laser: The laser is beamed onto rows of teeth that have been smeared with a whitening product. The highlighting is done for about 60 minutes is useful for activating the bleach. This treatment is more expensive than the method that uses a mold.

It should be noted that teeth whitening is recommended only for people with healthy teeth and gums. This is because like any other procedure, teeth whitening also carries certain risks.

Is it Safe to Whiten Teeth?

Medically, teeth whitening procedures can be done if there are problems with the teeth such as nerve death or for aesthetic purposes or for beauty. However, teeth whitening done in beauty salons without a doctor’s direction has risks that can harm your dental health.

Dental impressions that were not made by a doctor may not fit properly, causing blisters on the gums from leaking whitening gel. Similar risks can occur with over-the-counter teeth whitening products. These products are considered ineffective in whitening teeth. In addition, the use of whitening products on sensitive teeth can actually worsen the condition.

Meanwhile, whitening products or bleach containing peroxide or other products that are sold over-the-counter are at risk of causing sensitive teeth, gum irritation, and damage to enamel or tooth enamel.

Before Whitening Teeth

Given the risks that may arise, it is important to pay attention to the things below before whitening your teeth.

  • Problems such as toothache, cavities and swollen gums are recommended to be resolved before undergoing treatment.
  • If you decide to use an over-the-counter whitening product, read the instructions for use and the ingredients carefully. Avoid ingredients such as high percentage peroxides to reduce the risk of using them.
  • The ingredients contained in teeth whitening are not recommended for use in pregnant and lactating women.
  • Teeth whitening applied to healthy teeth and gums is still at risk of causing sensitive teeth for some time.
  • Teeth whitening results can only last in a matter of months up to a maximum of 2 years. The effect will wear off more quickly if you frequently consume tea, coffee, soda, or smoke.

Consult a dentist or person who has undergone the above teeth whitening method to make you feel more confident in choosing a treatment. Make sure you get the program information in writing along with the estimated cost required, as well as the risks that may arise before undergoing treatment.