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Tips for healthy hair

A healthy hair, bright, strong and pretty greatly enhances a woman's beauty, making her look more attractive and feminine. However, there are many fac

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A healthy hair, bright, strong and pretty greatly enhances a woman’s beauty, making her look more attractive and feminine. However, there are many factors that can damage hair fibers and cause them to become weak and brittle, seriously harming hair health and growth. This is why if you want to show off radiant hair, you should pamper it and take care of it daily with a series of cares that keep it always strong, don’t miss the ones we show you in this OneHowTo article and discover the best tips for healthy hair.

Steps to follow:


choose your shampoo

Not all hair needs the same care and products, and choosing a shampoo that meets the specific needs of your hair type is essential for healthy hair. Whether you have curly, straight, wavy, dry, oily, mixed hair, etc. you must acquire the appropriate lotions.



Moisturizing hair is something you should do at any time of the year. In addition to washing your hair as you normally do, offering it extra nutrition based on masks or natural oils It will make a difference by achieving healthy, shiny and silky hair from root to tip. Some of the best oils for hair include olive, coconut, almond, avocado, castor, rosemary, and safflower oil. Discover the best natural treatments to moisturize hair in the article Home remedies for damaged hair.


hair serum

There are products that maximize hair beauty and help combat more than one hair problem in a single application. This is what happens with the serum, which allows repair, hydrate and soften hair, in addition to combating frizz and providing the desired shape to the hairstyle. If you haven’t tried it yet, check out the How to Use Hair Serum article to get the most out of this great cosmetic.


Thermal protector

Another of the great allies for have healthy, strong and beautiful hair It is the thermal protector. This product protects the hair against the heat generated by dryers, irons, curling irons, etc. preventing it from burning, weakening and becoming more brittle. Apply it to your damp hair before you start using any of these devices and you will be sure to preserve the natural state of your hair. In the article How to protect hair from the heat of the iron you can see more details about the use of this cosmetic.



Take into account that hair also ages and that from time to time it is essential to make a good cut so that it grows stronger and healthier. If you do not dare with a radical change of look, at least you should cut your ends every month to prevent them from opening and breaking, thus damaging the rest of the hair.


oily or dry hair

Both keeping excess oil at bay and putting an end to dry hair are tasks that are more than necessary to have healthy hair. So whether you suffer from oily or dry hair, we recommend you consult the following article and check the effectiveness of the natural treatments which are indicated:

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