Tips for Keeping Make-up Lasting for Oily Facial Skin

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Tips for Keeping Make-up Lasting for Oily Facial Skin

  For those with oily skin, make-up easy to fade has become a common thing. Not infrequently you must often daub make-up to keep it durable an

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For those with oily skin, makeup easy to fade has become a common thing. Not infrequently you must often daub make-up to keep it durable and beautifuloh looks fresh. Howeverthe problem is actually can be avoided if you know how to work around it.

Every human being has sebaceous glands or natural oil glands in the skin tissue. These glands produce oil (sebum) which is useful for maintaining moisture and healthy skin.

However, in people with oily skin types, these glands can produce too much sebum on the face. Usually, skin that is too oily will appear more shiny, especially in the T zone of the face, namely the forehead, nose, and chin. This skin type is also more at risk of causing blackheads and acne.

Tips make-up for Oily Facial Skin

Oil on the face can actually be hidden by applying the product make-up the right one for your skin condition. In order for facial makeup to appear more durable, shine-free, make sure the products you use have a special formulation for oily skin, such as those that are natural for oily skin. matte, oil-freeor shine-free.

Here are some tips make-up for oily facial skin that you can try at home:

1. Refresh your face first

Before starting make-up, you should rub your face with a cleansing product with an oil-free label or oil-free first.

After that, use primary especially oily skin that is oil-free and shine-free (anti-shine or matte) in the T zone before you apply foundation (foundation), powder, and other products. This step can help makeup more attached to the face.

2. Wear sunscreen

The use of sunscreen is important to prevent skin damage due to the dangers of ultraviolet (UV) rays. There are techniques you can do, so that sunscreen does not make your face oily.

The trick, after the sunscreen cream is applied and absorbed into the skin, press the surface of the face with a tissue to absorb the remaining cream. After that, you can start makeup as you please. Make sure to use a special sunscreen cream for oily facial skin, yes.

3. Use light texture moisturizer

Oily facial skin types also need to be smeared with moisturizer. When applying moisturizer, you are advised to choose an oil-free moisturizer or one with a light texture, such as a serum. Moisturizer in the form of a serum can moisturize the skin without making it look greasy.

4. Avoid too much powder exposure

During this time, maybe many think that the more powder you use, the freer your face from oil. Turns out that thought was wrong. you know! Precisely too much powder can stimulate the pores on the facial skin to produce more oil and make the pores clogged.

So, if you want to use powder, apply powder only on oily areas and it is recommended to choose the type of powder for oily skin, which has a formula matte translucent.

5. Always prepare parchment paper

When you are traveling, always carry parchment paper in your bag. This paper can be a lifesaver when the oil on the face starts to show. The correct way to use the wax paper is to press it gently on the oily area, not rubbing the wax paper on the skin of the face.

In addition, the most important thing you need to know is to avoid using cleaning products made from oil or alcohol because they can cause skin irritation and stimulate the skin to produce more oil.

Instead, use an oil-free facial cleanser made of mild and gentle chemicals to clean make-up.

To reduce excess oil, you can use a face mask about 2 times a week. Make sure to choose a mask made of bentonite claybecause this material can absorb dirt and oil from the surface of the face.

Those are various tips that you can apply to maintain make-up stay durable, even if your facial skin is oily. However, if you are still having trouble applying makeup for your oily face, you can consult a doctor about the type of product make-up that suits your skin condition.