Tips for shiny hair

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Tips for shiny hair

One of the things that most attracts the attention of a beautiful and well-groomed mane is the brightness which gives off And it is that the luminosit

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One of the things that most attracts the attention of a beautiful and well-groomed mane is the brightness which gives off And it is that the luminosity in the hair It is only a sign of healthy and full of life hair, because on the contrary those dry and mistreated manes look dull and dull. There are many habits and products that can end up taking the shine off your hair, but by putting the tricks in this article into practice you will be able to avoid it and keep it healthy. don’t miss them tips for shiny hair from OneHowTo.

Steps to follow:


rinsed with cold water

Whenever you can, it is ideal to do the last rinse of the hair with cold water, since this helps to close and seal the cuticles, making hair looks much shinier and healthy. On the contrary, when the cuticles are open, the hair looks dull and lifeless.


Limit washing

Washing your hair every day or very often is a habit that, contrary to what you might believe, takes the shine off your hair. This is because the daily application of shampoos, conditioners and masks end up eliminating the natural oils of the scalp which are responsible for the hair being more hydrated and shiny. Follow the advice in the article How to keep your hair clean for longer and delay washing.



We suggest you try one of the tips for shiny hair Used by professional stylists: apply the conditioner just before the shampoo. You just have to wet the hair, apply the conditioner, rinse with cold water and then do a normal wash with your shampoo. This simple step allows the hair to absorb much more of the moisturizing active ingredients and begins to look brighter and silkier.


Chemicals out!

Limit the use of chemical products to the maximum if you want have shiny hair and prevent it from looking battered or dehydrated. It is important that when dye the hair, choose those dyes that contain natural ingredients and are of good quality. Don’t forget to apply a nourishing mask subsequently and give it the daily care that dyed or highlighted hair needs. She goes into the items and finds out how to keep it in mint condition.


Argan oil

Natural cosmetics have numerous benefits for the hair, and when it comes to look extra shiny hair, the best solution is found in argan oil. This product is rich in vitamin E and is ideal both to combat dry hair and to provide a lot of brightness. You can apply a few drops of argan oil directly to your hair or add it to your regular shampoo or conditioner.


beer rinse

Undoubtedly, beer is another of the revolutionary natural ingredients that allow shine hair Immediately. In addition, it makes the hair recover its natural elasticity and softness. Apply the beer directly to damp hair right after you’ve finished washing. Let it act for about 20 minutes and finish by rinsing with cold or lukewarm water. If you want to try other natural treatments that are just as effective as this one, visit the article Home remedies to make hair shine.

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