Tips to have longer hair

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Tips to have longer hair

Get one long, beautiful and radiant hair It is not an easy thing for many women, because either because their hair growth is slower or because

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Get one long, beautiful and radiant hair It is not an easy thing for many women, because either because their hair growth is slower or because it is deeply damaged, they cannot get the length they would like. In general, hair grows between 1.2 and 1.5 cm per month and although it may seem impossible, there are certain habits and care that can help you speed up this process and show off extra-long hair sooner than expected. don’t miss them tricks to have longer hair of this OneHowTo article and start putting them into practice.

brush your hair

One of the tricks to have long hair simpler is the brush it oftenat least three times a day. This task, in the same way as capillary massages, stimulates blood flow, allowing more nutrients to reach the roots of the hair and, therefore, favoring its growth and strength. It is essential that you choose a natural bristle brush to avoid hair breakage and discard those made of plastic that generate static electricity. Make sure of your choice by consulting the article How to choose the hairbrush.

rinsed with cold water

At the end of the hair wash, it is advisable to do the last rinse with cold water. This is a trick that all hairdressing experts recommend since water at this temperature seals the hair cuticles which greatly favors its growth. And not only that, this little action will add extra shine and softness to your hair.

hair vitamins

If your hair takes a long time to grow and is damaged, it may be in need of a good supply of vitamins to help you look healthier. Among the best vitamins for hair growth we find vitamin A, vitamin B and vitamin C, all of which are present in countless foods that you can incorporate into your daily diet. If you want to know which foods contain more of these nutrients, find out in the following articles:

Thermal protector

One of the great enemies of the hair, and which may possibly be the cause of the hair growing more slowly, is the heat generated by devices such as dryers, irons or curling irons. The ideal is not to subject the hair to high temperatures very often, but if you cannot style your hair without using any of these devices, an excellent trick is apply a heat protectant before using them. Apply heat protectant to damp hair and spread evenly from roots to ends.

Home remedies

In addition to these simple tricks to have longer hair, there are some natural products or ingredients that are spectacular for making hair grow faster and with incredible beauty. The home remedies that offer the best results are:

Discover how to use these products on your hair by consulting the article How to grow hair with natural remedies.

cut off the ends

Although many of us are afraid of scissors, the truth is that cut ends from time to time is essential if you want to wear a longer and healthier hair. This is the safest way to completely remove the damaged parts of the hair and make it grow according to its natural process. Try to do it every three months and you will notice the difference.

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