What is the hair mask for?

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What is the hair mask for?

Surely you have already noticed that the main brands of hair products have a complete line of hair masks, each with different ingredients and e

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Surely you have already noticed that the main brands of hair products have a complete line of hair masks, each with different ingredients and effects that promise to meet the needs of all types of hair. However, there is also the lifelong conditioner, and among so many options it is not clear to us if they have the same effects or what is the best alternative for the care of our hair. For this reason, in this OneHowTo article we clarify what is the hair mask for, in which cases it is advisable to use it and how often. Keep reading and find out everything.

Hair mask, how does it benefit me?

The first thing that is important to make clear is that the hair mask and the conditioner they are not the same product. The mask is used to repair, moisturize and nourish the hair in depth, helping to combat common conditions in the hair such as dryness, dullness or loss of color when we have it dyed, as well as allowing the strands to be protected against the daily damage caused by brushing, picking up the hair, using inappropriate products, the dryer, etc.

For our hair, a good hair mask It is the same as a spa, it is a perfect solution to provide in a much deeper way the different nutrients that your hair may need. This is the reason why it is important to choose a product that truly suits the needs of our hair if we want to see its benefits.

Differences between masks and conditioner

As we have already explained, it is not the same product. The conditioner is used in daily washing and fulfills the function of smooth hair to facilitate the subsequent hairstyle, in addition to adding shine to it. Additionally, and depending on the product you buy, the conditioner can also provide nutrients that help moisturize the hair or protect its color, however its effect is somewhat superficial, it does not act with the same depth as the mask.

This product is a daily care that helps us keep our hair in good condition but it does not have the repair capacity that a mask can have.

How to apply the hair mask

To achieve the effect we want and enhance the nutrition and beauty of our hair, it is important to be very clear how to apply hair maskalso known as a cream bath.

When our hair is dry, damaged or lacking in hydration, this product should be applied 2 or 3 times a week To guarantee its effects on the hair, once we notice that our hair begins to recover, we will apply it once a week and the rest of the days we will use the conditioner. The hair mask should be used in this way:

  • Always apply after thoroughly removing the shampoo.
  • Use a small amount to cover from the middle of our hair to the ends.
  • Distribute well throughout the hair avoiding the roots to prevent the hair from being greasy or without volume.
  • Leave to act for the time indicated on the package, never again as this does not guarantee the increase of its properties.
  • Remove with plenty of warm or cool water.

Homemade hair mask options

So far we have addressed the use of commercial masks, however there are many alternatives to homemade masks Made with moisturizing and nourishing ingredients that can help us achieve spectacular hair. In these cases, it is recommended to apply this type of preparation once a week, leaving it to act for 15 or 20 minutes so that it penetrates deep into the hair.

There are many options, but OneHowTo offers you some of the most popular, discover:

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