What is the ONION SHAMPOO good for?

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What is the ONION SHAMPOO good for?

The onion is a vegetable rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, which is why it is considered a food full of beneficial properties for th

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The onion is a vegetable rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, which is why it is considered a food full of beneficial properties for the health of our body. But, is it true that it is also an ideal ingredient for the care of our hair? The answer is yes, because the onion also has substances such as quercetin, a flavonol that makes this food a great ally for hair care.

But, to what extent is everything they say about onion shampoo for hair true? Does it work for hair growth? How should it be used? Take note, because in the following Great Looking Hair article we answer all these questions and explain how you can use this ingredient to achieve stronger, shinier and healthier hair. This is all you need to know about what is onion shampoo for.

Cleanses and protects the scalp

The sulfuric compounds present in the onion, including allyl sulfide (one of those responsible for its particular smell and for which we generally cry when we cut it), are responsible for the fact that onion shampoo has large cleansing and purifying properties of the scalp.

For its part, another of the main components of this ingredient, quercetin, is a flavonoid with antibacterial properties perfect for promoting capillary health and helping to combat frequent conditions such as irritation, itching, or certain types of dermatitis, especially seborrheic dermatitis. Thus, we can determine that onion shampoo works as a great ally to show off prettier hair.

effective against dandruff

The onion shampoo is bad for dandruff? Not only is the answer negative, but such a product can help you get rid of this annoying problem. And it is that although the excessive desquamation of the scalp can have diverse causes, one of the most common is the presence of some type of fungus or bacteria that ends up affecting that area. In these cases, the power purifying and antimicrobial of onion shampoo for hair is also very effective, since it is capable of eliminating all these pathogenic agents and restoring its natural balance to your scalp.

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Get stronger hair

A good homemade onion shampoo, or purchased at a trusted store, will also provide your hair follicles with essential nutrients so that the hair fiber remains in optimal condition; looking vigorous, flexible, without breakage and with more volume. Along with the sulfuric compounds and quercetin already mentioned, the onion extracts contained in these shampoos nourish the follicle with minerals that are so important for hair health, such as selenium, zinc, phosphorus or calcium, regenerating and remineralizing your hair to what looks brighter and stronger.

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longer mane

Does onion shampoo work to lengthen hair? This is the main reason why this product has become so popular in recent years, and although not scientifically provenwe can assure you that the onion shampoo is able to stimulate hair growth in some cases.

It is not that it is a miraculous product, but rather that the properties of this food help to nourish and keep the scalp healthy, thus favoring the growth of healthier hair, which would make it grow faster. Visit this other link to discover How to grow hair with onions and learn how to make your own shampoo to grow hair.

Fights hair aging

Onion shampoo is an excellent antidote to combat the natural process of hair aging, which, just as it happens with the rest of the body, reflects the action of the passing of the years. The onion is a vegetable rich in antioxidants such as ascorbic acid (vitamin C) and vitamin E, which help to mitigate the action of free radicals and, therefore, slow down cellular aging both from our skin and from the cells that are part of the hair follicle.

Thanks to this extra minerals, vitamins and flavonoids, the hair is deeply nourished and restores its softness and shine. Do you want other tricks to have shiny hair? If the answer is yes, don’t miss these Great Looking Hair tips.

Improves microcirculation in the area

Both the antiseptic properties of sulfur compounds and the antioxidant capacity of quercetin achieve a deep cleansing of the scalpeliminating not only any dirt particle in the hair but also excess sebum, dead cells and possible microorganisms such as fungi and bacteria.

Due to this, applying the onion shampoo with a gentle massage favors microcirculation in this area, thus achieving a more oxygen to the hair follicles and ensuring that the different nutrients of the onion, present in the shampoo, penetrate optimally, providing all its benefits.

Stops hair loss

Once again, we must start by saying that although this benefit is one of the most praised and well-known, it has not been scientifically proven that the regular use of onion shampoo prevents excessive hair loss.

However, this goodness should be highlighted because, often, hair loss is due to lack of essential nutrients such as selenium, an essential stimulant for proper hair growth. In these cases, using a shampoo that includes these nutrients among its active ingredients can be most beneficial, as it consequently greatly reduces hair loss. If you want more complete information on How to prevent hair loss in women, we advise you to visit this other article.

now that you know what is onion shampoo forat Great Looking Hair we explain how to make homemade onion shampoo so that you can enjoy this remedy naturally and without spending large amounts of money.

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  • Currently, different cosmetic firms offer onion shampoos that include other ingredients to increase hair care, but if you prefer, you can also make a homemade onion shampoo in a simple way. Simply peel, chop and blend (or grind) a large onion and mix the result with a neutral shampoo, preferably sulfate-free and paraben-free. You can use the same shampoo container by substituting a small amount of product for the onion ‘juice’. Shake vigorously and wait at least a day before using your homemade onion shampoo. The result: stronger, shinier hair in just a few weeks.