Why do you lighten your hair in summer?

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Why do you lighten your hair in summer?

Has it happened to you that after sunbathing or during the summer your hair is lighter usual? This is something that happens to all of us, and

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Has it happened to you that after sunbathing or during the summer your hair is lighter usual? This is something that happens to all of us, and there are external factors that, depending on the natural color of our hair, make it look more or less light or with some natural reflections. Dyed hair can also notice this effect or even slightly change its hue. If you want to know why do you lighten your hair in summer and how you should take care of it in this season of the year, keep reading this OneHowTo article.

Why does the hair lighten in summer: the sun

Undoubtedly, Sun is the external agent that most lightens hair in summer And if you wonder why, you should know that the combination of solar radiation with the oxygen in the air causes the melanin granuleswhich is the pigment responsible for hair color, rust leading to the appearance of so-called natural reflections. This happens with much more intensity in natural hair (especially blonde and gray hair) that has not been subjected to dyes, highlights, coloring, etc., although dyed hair is also affected, fading faster, and even on many occasions producing changes in its tonality.

The incidence of UV rays on the hair not only affects the color of the hair but also damages its strength, making it much more weak and brittle.

Why does the hair lighten in summer: chlorine and sea water

In addition to the sun, another of the external factors that lightens hair in summer is the chlorine of the pools and sea ​​water. Both negatively affect the keratin of the hair, oxidizing it, causing its natural tone to change towards a lighter one and to become more dry, rough and damaged.

The chlorine in swimming pool water is extremely harmful to dyed hair, and it can greatly modify the coloration, for example, making the hair take on a slightly greenish or orange tone that is very unflattering. Therefore, it will be essential to use a rubber cap, take good care of it and wash it as soon as possible after bathing.

In short, the reason why hair is lightened in summer is because at this time of year, hair is much weaker and less healthy than in winter.

Summer hair care

If you want your hair looks healthy, strong and radiant in summer and that the previous external agents do not damage it excessively, take into account the following tips and put them into practice!:

  • Before exposing yourself to the sun, protect your hair by applying a hair spray with sun protection. If your hair is dyed, choose specific hair sunscreens to keep its color intact and in good condition for longer.
  • Include in your beach bag a leave-in conditioner and apply it to your wet hair after bathing. This way you will always keep it hydrated.
  • Use in washing, shampoos, conditioners and repairing nourishing masks and with integrated UV filter.
  • Do not abuse dryers or straightening irons, it is preferable to leave air dry hair.
  • If your hair is very punished or damaged, consider the possibility of acquiring a hair serum.
  • Do not forget to clean up your hair at the end of the summer by cutting the ends well. This will be perfect for winter!

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