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Why doesn’t hair grow on my forehead?

Hair loss worries many men and women. and is not for less. In addition to being able to respond to some health problem, there are all the aes

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Hair loss worries many men and women. and is not for less. In addition to being able to respond to some health problem, there are all the aesthetic consequences and the social stigma that in many cases occurs when hair stops growing in specific areas of the head, such as the forehead.

This part of the head is one of the most affected by alopecia, both in men and women. There are several causes behind and that explain this hair loss. In aHOWTO, we explain the main ones to answer the question that has brought you here: “Why doesn’t hair grow on my forehead?

Why does hair fall out and not grow back?

To know why doesn’t the hair grow on the forehead It is important that you know why the hair has fallen out on this part of the head. And it is common to think that it responds to a problem that is related to age. However, this is not the case because young people, both men and women, also suffer from the problem of alopecia.

Behind the hair loss is the lack of keratin, which is the chemical agent that is related to hair growth. By reducing its presence in the hair fibers, the hair stops growing. It’s that simple.

In this way, for the hair to grow on the forehead, you will have to use products such as shampoos or masks that provide keratin or follow other types of treatments that increase its presence. Learn in this other oneHOWTO article how to make homemade keratin for hair.

The lack of hair growth can also be due to collagen, which is at the root of the hair follicle, when it is more rigid instead of being more flexible. In this case, the solution to regrow hair on forehead is that you increase your intake of vitamins B3 and B6, as well as pro-vitamin B5, which are responsible for providing that flexibility and strengthening the hair fiber and also act on the root to stimulate it. Likewise, we recommend this other article to learn how to increase the natural production of collagen.

In any case, there may be other reasons that explain why your hair does not grow on your forehead, such as hereditary factors or certain diseases such as cancer, whose treatments generally have the secondary effect that the hair falls out and does not return. grow, at least, until the entire clinical process has been completed.

Lack of hair on the forehead due to hormonal problems

Another reason why hair does not grow on the forehead is related to hormones. This factor is much more evident in the case of women, who are subjected to different hormonal changes throughout their lives. But, if you are a man, you are not free from this problem either.

And it is that the hormone disturbances they make you know fall hair and, sometimes, that it does not grow back, localizing this loss in the area of ​​the forehead and the sides of the head in women. In this way, it happens to have on the head like a kind of headband because there is not a trace of hair, which is noticeable that it begins to grow further back. This situation can occur, especially when important hormonal changes occur in women such as pregnancy, childbirth and menopause.

In the case of men, the hormonal problems that they may have cause them to also lose hair, although here you may notice this lack of hair more on the nape of the neck and the crown or top of the head. Anyway, it depends on the person, because there are men who also start losing their hair in the forehead area and, although they try to grow it, they can’t help it. tickets on the foreheadunless a medical-aesthetic treatment is applied.

Other causes of why hair does not grow on the forehead

In addition to hormonal changes or problems and the lack of certain nutrients, there are another series of factors why hair does not grow on the forehead.

To begin with, we must bear in mind that the forehead area is one of the parts of the head in which we usually have less hairapart from the fact that maybe the genetic that we have this feature is more marked. In addition, the hair in this part is usually finer and more delicate, so it breaks very easilyespecially when combing.

One of them is by following very strict and drastic diets, with which the supply of nutrients and vitamins that the scalp needs for its activity is reduced. if you follow any very demanding diet in food intake, you will notice that you lose hair and that it does not recover with the speed with which it would be replaced with a more balanced diet. In addition, this alopecia will be concentrated in the forehead area if you are a person prone to having less hair there or you already have some bald spots in the area since before going on a diet.

Other causes behind little or no hair growth on the forehead are stress and lack of sleep. They are two alterations of the organism that lead to hair loss and that make it difficult for it to grow back when it has fallen out. And if you like the extensionsperhaps you should stop using them frequently because they also cause hair loss in the forehead area and damage the scalp, preventing it from growing back.

These are some keys with which we hope to have answered your question “why doesn’t my forehead grow hair?”. From oneHOWTO we recommend that, in case of any problem, you always go to a specialist.

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