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Why doesn’t my hair grow?

Are you worried that your hair is no longer growing as fast as it used to? Many women wish they could have long and thick hair, but they encou

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Are you worried that your hair is no longer growing as fast as it used to? Many women wish they could have long and thick hair, but they encounter the problem that their hair growth has stagnated and it only seems to grow to a certain height or that it has stopped growing altogether. This is a more common hair problem than we think and it is surely caused by different factors that have ended up damaging your hair to the point of leaving it brittle, dry and with split ends or that break very easily.

Do you know what are the most common causes that slow down the growth of your hair? If you want to know why doesn’t my hair grow, you just have to keep reading this Great Looking Hair article where we explain the most frequent problems or factors that damage our hair. Take note!

Characteristics of damaged hair

If your hair no longer grows as quickly or directly has not grown for a while, it is probably because you have damaged it but you have not noticed. Below we explain what are the most common characteristics of damaged hair to find out if you urgently need some type of hair treatment.

  • It is weak and falls off very easily.: We usually lose between 50 and 100 hairs daily. However, if you have a hard time untangling your hair or every time you do it you lose too many hairs, it is probably because it lacks strength and flexibility.
  • has no shine: It is very common for damaged hair to appear dull and rough to the touch. On the contrary, a healthy mane looks radiant and is very soft.
  • Split ends: another symptom that a hair is not healthy and therefore does not grow properly is because we have the ends of it open and dry or even break easily.
  • It frizzes frequently: if you have unruly hair, with a lot of static electricity and you can’t comb it easily, it’s because it’s not at its best. If this is your case, the following article on home remedies for frizzy hair may be useful to you.
  • scalp problems: Another sign that you have damaged hair is that your scalp has hair problems such as dandruff, flaking or excess oil.

Why my hair does not grow – here the answer

Now we know what hair characteristics cause our hair not to grow in a healthy way. However, what are the most common causes that cause such damage to our hair? Read on for the answers:

  • Aggressive hair treatments: a factor that damages our hair and, consequently, makes it stop growing is the frequent use of hair cosmetics such as dyes and straighteners, which, due to their high content of chemical compounds, deeply damage and weaken the hair fibers.
  • you don’t take care of your hair: It is the most fundamental reason why your hair does not grow. For hair to be healthy and strong, it needs to be pampered and treated with care, such as using appropriate hair treatments, cutting and cleaning the ends frequently, brushing it gently and washing it correctly.
  • Frequent use of irons and dryer: if you subject your hair to high temperatures too often without any type of protection, it is completely normal for the strands to dry out, get damaged and, consequently, stop growing.
  • lack of moisture: This condition causes the hair to become weak, dull and dry. In these conditions, it is difficult for a mane to grow.
  • temperature changes: very sudden climatic changes can cause a loss of protein and hydration in the hair, which makes it weaker and more brittle. If you notice that your hair has stopped growing since winter began, it will probably be because it is still adapting to climate change.
  • Diet poor in vitamins and minerals: the excess of inappropriate foods also influences our hair health.

What can I do if my hair does not grow?

If you want your hair to grow back in a healthy way, it is recommended that you follow the following tips:

  • Specific treatments for your hair: use the treatments that really fit the needs of your hair, that is, if your hair is damaged or dry, you will have to buy a shampoo or a hair mask with nourishing and moisturizing properties.
  • Home remedies: You can also try using some home remedies that you can do at home with 100% natural ingredients to accelerate the growth of your hair.
  • Avoid frequent use of irons and dryers: since this damages your hair. In the event that you have to use them, always use a thermal hair protector to avoid damaging your hair.
  • cut your ends: do it at least once every three months to speed up hair growth.
  • Brush your hair 2-3 times a day: in this way you will stimulate blood circulation and, consequently, you will accelerate its growth.
  • Always rinse hair with lukewarm or cold water: This is to seal the cuticles and improve their shine and smoothness.

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