Why doesn’t my hair shine?

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Why doesn’t my hair shine?

A shiny hair and bright It is synonymous with healthy, strong and well-groomed hair, as well as a highly appreciated element in a woman's image

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A shiny hair and bright It is synonymous with healthy, strong and well-groomed hair, as well as a highly appreciated element in a woman’s image. However, our hair does not always shine as much as we would like and sometimes it looks rather dull and dull. Do you want to know why? Contrary to what we might believe, the dullness capillary has little to do with daily cleaning but rather with some external factors. Discover in the following OneHowTo article the answer to why doesn’t my hair shine.

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One of the main causes of loss of hair shine It has to do with the state of the water with which you wash your hair frequently. More pronounced in some cities than in others, the water is quite hard due to calcium deposits, which causes a progressive deterioration of the hair cuticle. This causes the hair structure to be altered and the hair to lose shine and look duller.


Both the pollution As the stress are two factors that affect the appearance of the hair by altering its natural state and subtracting shine and luminosity. Environmental pollution causes aggressive elements to be fixed on the hair that turn it off and, just as it happens with stress, free radicals are produced that affect the hair bulb, causing the hair to not be as healthy and shiny.


As we know, Sun It is one of the great enemies of the hair and it is that in addition to drying it, it also promotes the formation of free radicals. UV rays damage the scales of the hair and in the long run the light is not reflected in all its splendor on the hair. That is why, in the same way that you protect your skin before exposing yourself to the sun, you should use a hair sunscreen to prevent hair from losing life and looking damaged. Discover more details in the article How to protect hair from the sun.


Another factor that often answers the question of why doesn’t my hair shine It is the continuous abuse suffered by the hair fibers. Thus, the excessive use of dryers and hair straighteners, the constant coloring and the chemical components of many of the products or soaps that are used, lead to irreversible damage to the cuticles and cause the hair to break more easily and not be seen. so bright and healthy.

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When you notice that your hair has lost its natural shine and is not so bright, we advise you to put into practice the tips of the article Tricks to have shiny hair, they will help you beautify your hair and moisturize it at the same time.

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