Why Gray Hair Appears – 5 steps

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Why Gray Hair Appears – 5 steps

A fact closely associated with old age is the appearance of gray hairand it is that as the years go by, we see how the 'hated' white hair they

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A fact closely associated with old age is the appearance of gray hairand it is that as the years go by, we see how the ‘hated’ white hair they make room between the hair, and there are many who try to hide them. The truth is that the white hair they come out at a different rate in each person, it is not possible to predict when gray hair appears, but the reason is the same in all cases. If you want to know the Why does white hair grow upbe sure to read this OneHowTo article.

Steps to follow:


First of all, it is important to know that the appearance of gray hair It is due to an alteration in the hair pigmentation mechanism. Normally, this occurs over the years and becomes a characteristic of old age, although it is also possible that it occurs prematurely and gray hair appears in young people. You can expand the information in our article: What are gray hairs.


And it is that to answer the question of “Why does white hair grow up“, it is necessary to know which cells are responsible for hair coloration and skin pigmentation. These are the melanocytes, through the production of melanin, along with the cells responsible for directing the development of hair follicles, which give color to skin and hair.

Furthermore, it has recently been discovered that gray hair The role of the ‘Wnt’ protein is also involved, which has the function of coordinating the pigmentation process between the two groups of stem cells.


Over the years, the melanocytes age, lose their function and end up disappearing, so that when these cells fail, the appearance of gray hair. It is important to point out that the process in the skin is similar, but the skin is able to better maintain the pigments, while the loss of hair color occurs more quickly.


It should be noted that gray hair can appear at an early age, but one of the factors that most influences is the race of the people. And it is that while in the white race it is usually from the age of 30 when gray hair makes its appearance, it is from 45 onwards when it usually occurs in black people.


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